Stege - a modern city - with roots in the Middle Ages


The town of Stege is today a modern commercial town with good restaurants and many different shops.

The city is one of Denmark's old market towns, and is also called a medieval town. You can still look at the old town rampart, the church, the mill gate and the many old crooked streets.

In the summer you must visit Stege, where there is Tuesday market in all the streets of the city - for 6 weeks.

A historical walk around Stege

The town walk in the old Danish market town of Stege is called ‘the Herring Route‘, because in the Middle Ages from approximately  1430 – 1530, Stege had tremendous succes fishing herring in the waters around Møn.

You can follow the route and experience 26 different points of interest during your walk. Download folder here. Follow  symbols of herings - on walls, balustrades, etc. See the 26 points of interest here.

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Places you must see


Møns Klint is one of the most magnificent nature experiences you can experience in Denmark.

The huge chalk cliffs are pushed up in their angular forms of large ice masses in the ice ages, and in the chalk layers one finds petrified, prehistoric marine animals. Therefore, you can often find petrified sea urchins and various petrified seafood on the beach below the cliff.

At Møns Klint you will find Geocenter Møn, where a lot of activities are arranged outside and inside. You can, for example, come on guided tours and look for 70 million year old fossils, climb and hover on cable cars in the trees, drive mountain biking in the wild nature and much else outside.

Within the geocenter you can experience how Møn has been created, as well as other exhibitions and activities. You should visit the 3D cinema with "terrifying" films about dinosaur tours and other prehistoric animals.

Next to Møns Klint you will find the great Liselund Park, which in 1792 was laid out as a love gift from the then county governor of the island to his distinguished Lisa, whom the park is named for.

In the park, Liselund Gammel Slot was originally built, a fine thatched building closely enclosed by forest and adjacent to a small lake. The old "castle" still exists in the park.

Liselund Ny Slot is from 1887 and is built on a hilltop overlooking both the sea and the beautiful park and today houses a cozy castle hotel with a café and restaurant.

At Møn there are over 100 preserved burial mounds and giant graves from the Stone Age. Just north of the holiday home Bo-Her is Kong Asgers Høj, which is Denmark's largest and most beautiful burial grave. 100 meters away is Sprove-dyssen. Just south of Bo-Her is Klekkendehøj, which is divided into a hill with terraces - and is a twin grave with 2 entrances. You will find brochures in the summer house.

Churches at Møn offer frescoes and rococo. Visiting the small village churches on Møn is a true pleasure walk in studies of the medieval frescoes.

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Taste and senses


Restauranter  -   gallerier   - bryg og is - museer

The museums are different and very special on Møn.

Visit the good old days in Thorsvang Collector's Museum. Here you can experience the world of yesterday. Take a stroll through the old shops and workshops that abound with all sorts of things from the wonderful days when Grandpa was young.

Møns Museum is a cultural history museum in Stege. The museum is located in the Empiregården, an old merchant's house. Møns museum was founded in 1914, but was first decorated in the Empiregården, which is located right next to Mølleporten, in 1958.

Smykkemuseet is a small cozy gallery / museum / sales outlet with focus on amber jewelery and carvings.

Enthusiasts and galleries show the local, but also international art.

Many artists have moved to Møn, whose nature has always inspired creative developments. Møn is especially known for its many galleries, where you can experience the local but also international art when you are on holiday on Moen.

Galleri Pakhuset - Galleri Warrer - Hårbøllehuset - Kunsthal 44 - Liza's Gallery - Galleri-Ewald
- Galleri Borre326. You can find them all on the map - when you click the button.

The taste of Møn is diverse

 All over Møn and Nyord you'll find something wonderful, sweet, strong, special, to eat and drink. At Møn Is you have numerous different icecreams, and you can pad the cow that delivered the milk for the ice cream. 

Noorbohandelen is Denmark's first specialty store for spirits in bulk of own import and production. The café offers refreshments and the shop sells Nyord mustard, local specialties from Møn & Sydsjælland as well as art and craft from its own workshop.

Bryghuset Møn (brewery) was established in 2005, and brews beer for good brewery traditions. Quality is the keyword and only natural raw materials are used.

Many cafees and restaurants serve their specialities. At Slagter Stig in Stege you can enjoy delicious meals - and if you want to buy the chair or table where you are sitting that is possible too!

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